A Pre-K mom and her son sitting at a table painting together. Pre-K mom and child enjoying a moment with arts and crafts. Image courtesy of Renee Rosensteel.

Program Overview

The Endowments’ Learning area seeks to create conditions that foster equitable opportunities for all youth and families, especially those living in vulnerable neighborhoods.

We partner with communities to help build on their strengths and resourcefulness, to support existing strategies, and to inspire, seed and incubate new ideas designed for all to thrive. Our work within this strategy is guided by the following principles:

  • Recognize that learning happens best within the context of relationships;
  • Embrace a spirit of authentic collaboration by involving the community as the key agent, co-creator and producer of change;
  • Utilize learning from national and global models;
  • Promote innovation by seeking new ideas to address persistent challenges, especially in individual neighborhoods;
  • Consider how neighborhood lessons influence broader systems; and
  • Commit to ongoing assessment


Highlights of Past Initiatives

Program Staff
Carmen Anderson
Carmen Anderson Vice President, Equity & Learning
Vicki Beattie
Vicki Beattie Program Assistant, Learning
Kathleen Keating
Kathleen Keating Program Officer, Learning
Dean Richards
Dean Richards Program Officer, Learning