Board and Staff

A night sky surrounded by green trees. A night sky surrounded by green trees.
Board of Directors
Teresa Heinz Chair Emeritus
John Heinz Director
María Marteinsdóttir Director
Damon Aherne Director
Carolyn Duronio Director
Nick Hoffman Director
Office of the President
Chris DeCardy
Chris DeCardy President
Donna Evans Sebastian
Donna Evans Sebastian Executive Assistant
Human Resources
Christie Cawley
Christie Cawley Chief People & Culture Officer
Becky Brindle
Becky Brindle Communications Associate
Carmen Lee
Carmen Lee Senior Communications Officer
Scott Roller
Scott Roller Strategic Communications Manager
Courtney Tolmer
Courtney Tolmer Communications Manager
Finance & Administration
Edward Kolano
Edward Kolano Vice President Finance & Administration / Chief Investment Officer
Cheryl Dabat
Cheryl Dabat Manager, Grants & Facilities
Kelli Everett
Kelli Everett Finance & Administration Assistant
Denise  Ficorilli
Denise Ficorilli Accountant / Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
Regina Jackson
Regina Jackson Receptionist and Facilities Assistant
Yassiris Mahan
Yassiris Mahan Information Technology Specialist
Brenna O'Leary
Brenna O'Leary Accounting Manager
Josh Olivieri
Josh Olivieri Investment Manager
Michele  Sullenger
Michele Sullenger Managing Director, Finance & Administration
Nickesha  Williams
Nickesha Williams Treasury & Investment Associate
Jasmin DeForrest
Jasmin DeForrest Managing Director, Creativity
Mac  Howison
Mac Howison Senior Program Officer, Creativity
Cindi  Stueber
Cindi Stueber Program Assistant, Creativity
Carmen Anderson
Carmen Anderson Vice President, Equity & Learning
Vicki Beattie
Vicki Beattie Program Assistant, Learning
Kathleen Keating
Kathleen Keating Program Officer, Learning
Dean Richards
Dean Richards Program Officer, Learning
Andrew  McElwaine
Andrew McElwaine Vice President, Sustainability
Megan Andros
Megan Andros Program Director, Veterans
Matthew  Barron
Matthew Barron Program Director, Sustainability
Corinne Connor
Corinne Connor Program Analyst, Sustainability
Ruth Hodsoll
Ruth Hodsoll Program Assistant, Sustainability
Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson Senior Program Director, Environment & Health
Mary M.
Mary M. Program Assistant, Community & Economic Development
Rob Stephany
Rob Stephany Senior Program Director, Community & Economic Development
Evaluation & Research
Josie  Innamorato
Josie Innamorato Director, Learning, Evaluation & Research
Becky Thatcher Baer
Becky Thatcher Baer Data Specialist