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Covers of three issues of h magazine, fanned-out. Covers of three issues of h magazine, fanned-out.

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h Magazine - Issue 2, 2019

Date: 12/17/2019

Magazine Issue: Issue 2, 2019

Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant opens this special issue of h exploring criminal justice reform with an essay on combatting false stories about crime with true ones about an unfair system and the need for change. Other articles in the magazine examine different reform eff orts in the Pittsburgh region and elsewhere in the country. The stories also reveal the need for change because of the impact that a broken system has on the lives of individuals and families. (This is the complete issue - individual stories are available below.)

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Table of Contents

h Magazine - Issue 2, 2019 - Inside & Table of Contents
Which side are you on?
Rattling Cages
Behind the Bars
The Restoration Project
Suspension Bridging
Idea Exchange
The School-to-Prison Pipeline
The Face of Force
Policing Relations
Rally for Change
Safety Keeping
More Than Distant Relatives
Ripple Effects
Biased Bail
No Vacancy
Beating the Odds
h Magazine - Issue 2, 2019 - Here & There

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