How We Work

People walking on the sidewalk of a yellow bridge as they head into Pittsburgh. People walking on the sidewalk of a yellow bridge as they head into Pittsburgh.


The Heinz Endowments strives to be transparent and share information about our work, processes and operations and what we are learning while respecting needs for privacy and confidentiality. We believe that this openness encourages communication and understanding of our work with all of our constituents, especially our grantee partners, those they serve and our regional community of fair and inclusive perspectives, enriching debate and fostering close collaboration.

As a priority, the Endowments views transparency about our work, our grantmaking and evaluation processes, as an essential component of the trust that is placed in us, and as a commitment to the health and benefit of our community and the philanthropic sector. Philanthropy is stronger when all parties are committed to the principles of openness in informed decision-making and accountability.

Find more information about the Endowments on Candid – an information data resource specializing in the tracking of philanthropic funding to nonprofit organizations and the programs they operate.

Disability Inclusion Pledge

The Disability & Philanthropy Forum is an emerging philanthropy-serving organization created by the Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy to expand philanthropic commitment to disability rights and justice by centering the leadership of the disability community – essential tenets of achieving a more equitable, inclusive future for all. The Forum is fiscally sponsored by the Proteus Fund.

The Heinz Endowments has committed to the Disability Inclusion Pledge along with other grantmaking institutions and philanthropy serving organizations. See who has signed the pledge.

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The Heinz Endowments is committed to transparency in all its grantmaking activities, including its financial reporting. To that end, it is now standard practice for the foundation to post the latest audited financial reports and Form 990-PF tax returns on its website.

12-31-2022 The Heinz Endowments Financial Statement

12-31-2022 The Heinz Endowments Form 990-PF


The Heinz Endowments greatly values its relationship with grantees and applicants and is committed to an environment of open and honest communication. Our goal is for grantees and applicants to feel valued and respected, to understand our strategies and processes, and to feel that staff provide timely responses to questions.

Grantees and applicants are encouraged to provide feedback about their experiences with the Endowments. Email comments, questions and concerns to President Chris DeCardy at

If you prefer to provide anonymous feedback, you may Make a Report through an independent, third-party provider, EthicsPoint. They will assure total confidentiality and anonymity as they transmit that report to the Endowments, where the President and a representative of the Board of Directors will be informed.