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Both black and white people protesting Downtown on the death of George Floyd. Everyone is wearing masks because of the pandemic and people are carrying "Black Lives Matter" signs. The police are in the background. Joshua Franzos
headshots of the 2020 Investing in Professional Artists grantees
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Standing Our Ground for Justice

In “Standing Our Ground for Justice,” The Heinz Endowments calls for justice in the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and an end to systemic racism and the harm it has caused black people and other individuals of color on multiple levels – enough is enough. 

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2020 Investing in Professional Artists grantees announced

Investing in Professional Artists - a joint grantmaking program of The Heinz Endowments, The Pittsburgh Foundation and Opportunity Fund - supports creative development, career advancement & increased visibility of working artists. The 2020 IPA grantees include literary, visual and performance artists, as well as funding for programs that support artists affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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New season of “We Can Be” podcast

The Heinz Endowments’ “We Can Be” podcast is back with new episodes, featuring host Grant Oliphant in conversation with an array of fascinating guests from the social change arena. Experience writers, artists, environmentalists, movement-leaders, thinkers and more on Season 3 of “We Can Be.” Subscribe or download on leading podcast platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Stitcher, and Spotify.

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Our Mission & Strategic Areas

The Heinz Endowments seeks to help our region thrive as a whole and just community, and through that work to model solutions to major national and global challenges. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we concentrate on advancing a sustainable future for our community and planet, successful learning outcomes for young people and their families, and a culture of engaged creativity for all our citizens.

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With grantmaking that averages almost $70 million annually, The Heinz Endowments is among the leading foundations in the United States. The impact of our grants lies in the possibilities they create, the critical need they address and the transformative change they help to bring about. Every grant listed here is part of that mission.

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Highlighted Grantee

Text in image: Do you want more money in your children's classrooms? The census counts. Do do you. Children, immigrants, rural households and those in low-income communities are among the most undercounted populations.
Keystone Counts

While we are living in uncertain times, one thing is more clear than ever: each and every person in our community counts. 2020 census forms have arrived in southwestern Pennsylvania mailboxes, with easy instructions about how to respond online, by phone or by mail. Short on time? Don't worry. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Keystone Counts is a statewide coalition of advocacy groups, service providers and community organizations that have joined together to build an education and outreach effort for a fair and accurate 2020 census. 

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h Magazine

The Case for Reform - this special issue of the magazine looks at  criminal justice reform initiatives developed by nonprofits, government agencies and foundations in the Pittsburgh region and across the U.S. Each story, whether narrated in an essay or recorded from an interview, offers a challenge to support a fairer justice system that will help create a better society.

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Employment Opportunity

The Endowments is accepting applications for the position of Treasury and Investment Associate. Please read the job description and requirements. All applications must be submitted to the attention of Joe LaLonde at FinancialPeople Staffing

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Philanthropic leaders urge: Don’t cut the census short

Philanthropies across the United States have joined in registering their opposition to plans by the U.S. Census Bureau to shorten the census count. A letter, signed by more than 500 philanthropic organizations including The Heinz Endowments, states that shortening the enumeration and data processing of the census schedule “would hurt a diverse range of rural and urban communities, leaving them underrepresented locally and in Congress and cutting their fair share of federal funding for Medicaid, economic development, child care, schools, road and public transport improvements, home heating assistance for senior citizens, and many more vital services.”

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Covid-19 Resources

Need information or help in dealing with Covid-19?  See United Way's resource page on the subject.

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tHRive is an HR-based program for small to mid-size nonprofits designed to elevate the human resources and people–centric practices (employees, volunteers and boards) to enhance organizational capacity and community impact. tHRive is supported by the Endowments and The Forbes Funds.

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Grant Oliphant interview on "The Business of Giving" podcast

Endowments President Grant Oliphant on the WNYM-AM "Business of Giving" Podcast hosted by Denver Frederick talks about how the Endowments is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic - and how the nonprofit sector is ripe for reinvention.

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