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Adonai Center for Black Males

Equipping Young Men with Tools to Succeed

A thought-leader, activist, and catalytic collaborator, the Adonai Center is inspiring, developing,  the next generation of young men through their intensive development programs and network of school and community chapters. The mission of the Adonai Center is to facilitate the human capital development of young men and better position them for social, educational, and economic success.


Young men are vital members of our American society. Their well-being is tied directly to the health of their families, communities, and the nation as a whole. Without them, the democratic ideals and prosperity our country strives for are simply out of reach. They are innovators, artists, leaders, and scientists. Yet, many young black and disadvantaged men face the terrible stigmas, negative stereotypes, and systemic injustices socially, educationally, and economically. In spite of the individual legacies that this American demographic has produced, black males face a far greater chance of unemployment, imprisonment, and untimely death than their counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups. This issue must be addressed. For the future of our nation, investments in human capital are a top priority – doubly so for our youth. Now is the time to better position young black American males to make significant contributions to our nation’s prosperity. Together, we can build better communities and a greater society.


Our vision is to establish a local, regional, and national network of individuals and institutions pioneering solutions to cultivate the next generation of male Leaders, Scholars, and Innovators.


Since 2009, Adonai’s work has better positioned over 850 young men for positive social, educational, and economic growth and advancement through our Fellows Programs, Workforce Integration, and Young Men’s Conference programs. Our five Fellows Chapters have worked hard to achieve remarkable results among its 291 members including: a 91% participant retention rate, a 100% high school graduation rate, and a 78% college and military matriculation rate among young men participating four years, Adonai is a transforming regional leader implementing proven and researched-based solutions to boost the positive outcomes of young men.



Due to the hard work of our young men, Adonai has garnered national and international recognition, attention, publicity, and interest. Adonai’s work has been highlighted and featured in 3 documentaries, 2 international publications, and over 20 news articles and stories; in addition, the model has been presented at 2 national conferences, and will be presented in front of an international audience of 2000+ people at the 2015 One Young World Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Founder and CEO of Adonai Center for Black Males, Kevin Carter Adonai Center Founders - Cliff Green, Kevin Carter, Kris Work Adonai Center CEO and Fellows at Sto-Rox Graduation Fellows and Former Adonai Staff Kayla volunteering at the Northside Coalition's Women's Walk for Peace Heath Bailey and the Adonai Center's First Class of Fellows at Westinghouse High School, 2010-2011