RethinkVets RethinkVets

You have reached the former landing page for RethinkVets, an initiative of The Heinz Endowments in partnership with a coalition of veteran-related nonprofit organizations.

Established in 2017, the initiative’s aim was to address misconceptions about service members, veterans and military families; reshape public opinion about veterans in the Pittsburgh region; and help produce better overall outcomes for service members as they transition from military service to civilian life.

Major accomplishments of the initiative included two successful multimedia public relations campaigns; art installations challenging misconceptions about veterans backgrounds, experience and health; funding of military-related journalism; and convenings of service members, veterans and military families with business leaders, communication specialists and public officials.

While the RethinkVets initiative was sunset in 2023, the work to achieve its goals continues through the longstanding grantmaking and policy advocacy efforts of The Heinz Endowments and its nonprofit partners. To learn more about this work, visit