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Street view of the Wood Street Galleries with cars going by at the corner of Wood Street and Sixth Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. Wood Street Galleries in Downtown Pittsburgh. Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

At The Heinz Endowments, we use a variety of methods to describe what we and our partners are doing to have a transformative impact on southwestern Pennsylvania. No single approach can fully capture the range of issues we care about or the different approaches we are pursuing to improve the quality of life in our region. Here are some ways you can find out more about us and our work.

THE Point blog provides information, insight and commentary from the Endowments’ leadership, staff and, on occasion, grantee partners about critical issues affecting the well-being of communities in southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond.

This section contains current news from print, broadcast and other media about issues, programs and activities affecting the work of the Endowments and its priorities in the Pittsburgh region.

h is a full-color magazine that uses narrative writing and documentary-style photography to explain the issues that are priorities for the Endowments and the efforts of the foundation, its grantees and its colleagues are making to address them.

Our online library is searchable resource for anyone interested in discovering more about the Endowments; our grantmaking; and the variety of articles, reports and other sources of information concerning our work and investments.

The Heinz Endowments provides several resources for media outlets as well as other organizations and individuals who want to learn more about the foundation and its work.

To find out more about the Endowments, contact us directly here.