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Climate Reality Leadership Training

More than 1,500 people from around the world came to Pittsburgh Oct. 17-19 to attend the 36th Climate Reality Project workshop, an environmental training led by former Vice President Al Gore. Learn more about this amazing conference.

Communications for Troubled Times

Grant Oliphant, President of The Heinz Endowments, was a key speaker at ComNet17, the annual Communications Network conference in Miami in September.

A former Board Chair of the Network – the membership organization for communications professionals working in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector – Mr. Oliphant addressed the subject: ‘True. Kind. Now. Communications for Troubled Times,’ urging social sector communicators to use their voices and speak up for their organizations’ values “in a time when we cannot afford to remain silent.”

To view the speech or to access the transcript click here.

Lummi Nation Inspires

Lummi Nation representatives and an intricately carved totem pole arrived at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History after crisscrossing the country from Washington state. The totem pole is a part of the museum’s Kwel’ Hoy: We Draw the Line! exhibit (now through spring 2018) which explores the struggle of indigenous leadership to protect water, land, and our collective environmental future.  The Endowments awarded a grant to the Natural History Museum for The Carnegie Museum of Natural History to help with exhibit costs. “We have a lot to learn and celebrate about the Native American peoples visiting us today,” said Phillip Johnson, the Endowments’ Program Director for Environment & Health, referring to the Lummi Nation’s victory in a 2016 decision denying a permit to build a coal production terminal on a sacred Lummi Nation coastal site. The facility would have shipped up to 54 million tons of coal and materials annually through Lummi Nation ancestral fishing waters.

Call to Moral Leadership

Nearly 400 grantee partners of The Heinz Endowments gathered for a seminar hosted by the foundation, ‘Nonprofits and the Call to Moral Leadership’ at the August Wilson Center.

In the wake of Charlottesville, Pittsburgh regional nonprofits explored how to make their voices heard in defense of their organizations’ values and missions, and in support of the individuals they serve. The event addressed critical issues of racial, social and economic equity in our region.

The seminar was introduced with a video, including interviews with and reflections by local nonprofit leaders.

Presentations and resources also are available.

Capturing the Next Economy

The culmination of an 18-month study, Capturing the Next Economy: Pittsburgh’s rise as a global innovation city, by The Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking examines Pittsburgh’s unique opportunity to become a top global destination for technology-based economic activity and key components of Pittsburgh’s efforts to become a world-class innovation city. The study – funded in part by the Heinz Endowments - focuses on Pittsburgh’s increasing ability to foster start-up ecosystems, identifies innovation neighborhood hubs, and outlines key questions to be addressed if the region is to remain an innovation job generator into the next decade and beyond.

Inside Almono

The articles, timeline and infographics in this section of our magazine together tell the story of how a former Pittsburgh steel mill is becoming a model of a sustainable community. (Photo by Seth Zora, Courtesy of

Nurturing Neurons

Nurturing Neurons,” by Christine H. O'Toole, explains how learning more about the ways in which babies develop can guide public policy in areas such as education and health so that both children and communities thrive.

Sustaining Strategies

"Sustaining Strategies: Making Progress with p4," by Jeffery Fraser, describes how Pittsburgh's p4 initiative has made inroads in solidifying the city's commitment to sustainable development that were unveiled at a second p4 Summit last fall. (Photo by Dave DiCello)

p4 Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh and The Heinz Endowments are spearheading a major effort to forge a new model of urban growth and development that is innovative, inclusive and sustainable. This approach is based on a central, unifying framework — p4: People, Planet, Place and Performance — and was launched at an international summit in 2015.

To learn more, watch the new video and visit the p4 website.

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Founded in 1980, POISE Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for African Americans in the Pittsburgh region. As a community foundation, it provides administrative expertise as well as financial support to individuals, programs and ... Read More

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Next Stage

"Next Stage," by Jeffery Fraser details the history of the Almono development in Pittsburgh's Hazelwood neighborhood.


Inequities Affecting Black Girls in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

The Heinz Endowments, in partnership with the FISA Foundation, commissioned Data Snapshot: Inequities Affecting Black Girls in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to draw attention to alarming gender and racial disparities that Black girls in our region face ...


Blog: THE Point


Helping Puerto Rico is not political - it's human decency

By Grant Oliphant

Endowments’ President Grant Oliphant answers the question of whether our grant to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico was a political statement.


NFL Protest: Veterans Leader Viewpoint

By Nick Grimes

Is the NFL protest disrespectful to veterans? Here in this guest blog local veterans leader Nick Grimes, Post-9/11 Program Director of the Veterans Breakfast Club, offers his thoughtful perspective.


DACA: Protect Our Dreamers

By Grant Oliphant

Endowments’ President Grant Oliphant speaks out about the recent decision by the Administration to end DACA.

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