Grant Oliphant - Podcast on Racial Equity via Tiny Spark

Tiny Spark is an independent, nonprofit news program and podcast that reports  on philanthropy, nonprofits, international aid and social good initiatives. Listen to their July 15 podcast of Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant as he speaks about the critical test philanthropy faces on the issue of racial equity.

A Call for Unity

With the national spotlight on fatal shootings in the days following July 4 – of black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota and of police officers by a lone gunman in Dallas – Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant writes in the blog posts “Dallas” and "Enough" that people of all backgrounds need to come together “to hear each other, respect each other and learn from each other” and to create a more just and hope-filled world.

Sustained Vision

Pittsburgh is forging ahead with development projects, like those described in these stories from the current issue of h magazine, that are designed to transform sections of the city while incorporating ideas from last year’s p4 conference on how to make urban revitalization sustainable.

Sustained Vision
Riverfront Renovation
Banking on Redevelopment
Ecocentric Millvale
Taking the Challenge
Community Builders

(Photo by Dave DiCello)

Leadership Formation

Read Leadership Formation in the current issue of h magazine that tells how Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay, committed to improving relations between police officers and African American communities, implemented a training program to change practices and build trust.

(Photo by Scott Goldsmith)

Just Pittsburgh

A Just Pittsburgh - open, inclusive, equitable - is a concept whose time has come. Our President, Grant Oliphant, has talked about his ideas previously, and now we're asking, what does a Just Pittsburgh mean to you? What kind of city do you envision?

Read Grant’s latest blog on Just Pittsburgh and give us your thoughts – by leaving a comment on the blog. Watch Grant’s interview about Just Pittsburgh with John Delano on KDKA TV’s Sunday Business Page. If you missed our live Twitter chat on 4/19, you can read the Storify summary of the event. 

What does a Just Pittsburgh mean to you?  Let us know by using the #JustPgh hashtag.

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Founded in 1980, POISE Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for African Americans in the Pittsburgh region. As a community foundation, it provides administrative expertise as well as financial support to individuals, programs and ... Read More

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Leadership Formation

"Leadership Formation," written by Elwin Green. Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay's efforts to improve relations between police officers and African American communities include using police leadership training to help turn the tide.


Stand Up For Standing Firm

Keynote speaker, Erika Gilchrist, will share her experience with partner violence as a young adult in the workforce.  Breaking the chain of domestic violence, Erika became an award-winning author of nine books and a motivational speaker and mentor to...


Blog: THE Point



By Grant Oliphant

Only hours after posting the blog entry to the right, horrifying events unfolded in Dallas, Texas with the shootings of police officers.  "Enough, no more" is more relevant than ever.



By Grant Oliphant

Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant addresses the latest shootings by police of black men in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis with the plea: "Enough. Stop it. No more."


Protecting our children from air pollution. What we can do.

By Philip Johnson

Another report has been added to list of studies revealing the negative impact of the Pittsburgh region’s air pollution on children’s health. Endowments Science and Environment Program Director Philip Johnson explains how this latest research and other science demonstrate that poor air quality hurts our children, and he offers suggestions on how to protect them.

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