Just Design

Endowments President Grant Oliphant gave the keynote speech during the annual conference of the American Institute of Architects' Pittsburgh chapter on April 21. Using the theme of “Just Design,” Mr. Oliphant described how the way we build within our communities can affect the well-being of our residents, the justice of our interactions and the sustainability of our future. Read the full speech and also view the Storify on the event.

The Pittsburgh Region Diversity Survey

A new Endowments-supported report from Vibrant Pittsburgh finds our city less diverse than other major cities, and that minorities often do not feel they have good workforce experiences.  Endowments President Grant Oliphant talks about why we need to change these perceptions in our quest for an inclusive Pittsburgh for all in his blog post. Read the full report here.

Flint and Us

Catastrophes like the Flint water crisis could happen in Pittsburgh, if we ignore the needs of our community and believe that public health and prosperity cannot go hand-in-hand. Endowments President Grant Oliphant writes about why Flint matters and how the principles of p4: People, Planet, Place and Performance need to guide us in our growth as a modern city.

Just Pittsburgh

A Just Pittsburgh - open, inclusive, equitable - is a concept whose time has come. Our President, Grant Oliphant, has talked about his ideas previously, and now we're asking, what does a Just Pittsburgh mean to you? What kind of city do you envision?

Read Grant’s latest blog on Just Pittsburgh and give us your thoughts – by leaving a comment on the blog. Watch Grant’s interview about Just Pittsburgh with John Delano on KDKA TV’s Sunday Business Page. If you missed our live Twitter chat on 4/19, you can read the Storify summary of the event. 

What does a Just Pittsburgh mean to you?  Let us know by using the #JustPgh hashtag.

Fixing Our Heroes Welcome

Fixing Our Heroes Welcome,” written by Jeffery Fraser. Soldiers returning from war need constructive support rather than a confusing web of services. A new public–private network is making it easier for veterans to navigate a path to civilian success.

We Say No More

We Say No More,” written by Christine H. O’Toole. Domestic violence should not happen to anyone — anytime, anywhere. Organizations across the Pittsburgh region are uniting around efforts to support safe havens for victims of abuse and to promote initiatives to prevent the violence from happening.

Fusion in Sight and Sound

Fusion in Sight and Sound,” written by Jeffery Fraser. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is serving up live classical music with a side of jazz, pop rock and even barbecue as it tries to beef up concert attendance.

Assessing STEM

Assessing STEM,” written by Tom Imerito. As leaders across the country emphasize the importance of STEM education in the 21st century, Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center has created new tools to help schools determine whether their STEM programs are working.

Curtain Rising

Curtain Rising,” written by LaMont Jones. After more than a year marked by bankruptcy, sporadic programs and the threat of a severely reduced Downtown presence, Pittsburgh’s August Wilson Center for African American Culture is making a comeback thanks to philanthropic and community support.

Air Measures

Air Measures,” written by Megha Satyanarayana. The Speck air quality monitor, developed at Carnegie Mellon University, fits in your hand, but it also lets you know how much pollution surrounds you.

What We Breathe

What We Breathe,” photographed by Brian Cohen, Scott Goldsmith, Annie O’Neill and Lynn Johnson. The images from the photography exhibition “In the Air: Visualizing what we breathe” provide a startling look at the pollution affecting people every day in western Pennsylvania.

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Founded in 1980, POISE Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for African Americans in the Pittsburgh region. As a community foundation, it provides administrative expertise as well as financial support to individuals, programs and ... Read More

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We Say No More

Innovative campaigns and technologies are infusing new urgency into domestic violence prevention in the Pittsburgh region. As partner abuse continues to be a problem across the country, local philanthropies are calling on more community leaders - and more men - to push for an end to the brutality.


African American Men and Boys Initiative News

Black Men: America's Great, Underappreciated Assets The Huffington Post, 09/29/2015 What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about black males in the United States? That's the question social entrepreneur Trabian Shorters would like more...


Blog: THE Point


Dr. Linda Lane: Modeling the Way

By Grant Oliphant

Last week I had the bittersweet privilege of attending Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Linda Lane’s farewell address to the community. Her talk was a master class in style and grace—and a clarion call to the adults in this community to step up with renewed vigor on behalf of its children.


What does a Just Pittsburgh mean to you?

By Grant Oliphant

A Just Pittsburgh - open, inclusive, equitable - is a concept whose time has come. Our President, Grant Oliphant, has talked about his ideas previously, and now we're asking, what does a Just Pittsburgh mean to you? What kind of city do you envision?


Just Pittsburgh

By Grant Oliphant

If you’ve spent any time talking with me about Pittsburgh, you’ve heard my speech – possibly too often – about the “moment in time” I believe we’re living in. This is the idea that keeps me awake at night and propels me through every workday: Thanks to a variety of factors, over the next five to ten years Pittsburgh will reshape its destiny for at least the next generation and perhaps beyond, and those of us privileged to be here right now, especially those in any kind of leadership role, have an almost sacred responsibility to help get it right.

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