New media campaign shows depth and value of our Post-9/11 veterans
Tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue: Statement from The Heinz Endowments Joshua Franzos
1st Amendment conference videos now available Joshua Franzos

New media campaign shows depth and value of our Post-9/11 veterans

The Heinz Endowments has launched a new digital media campaign that aims to help bridge the military-civilian gap of the United States’ 2.6 million Post-9/11 veterans, including approximately 50,000 who have settled in the Pittsburgh region. The month-long campaign features new content at, including personal stories and a series of short videos designed for social media sharing that address with candor the misperceptions that veterans face as they reintegrate into civilian life. 

Read the full announcement about the new RethinkVets digital media campaign.

Tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue: Statement from The Heinz Endowments

The Heinz Endowments grieves with our community over the hateful attack on innocent worshippers at Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday. We condemn as strongly as humanly possible this unconscionable act of violence and the hatred that drove it. We stand firmly with our Pittsburgh community in the knowledge that our differences make us stronger, that we are one people in one community, and that we must all work together to create a more just and equitable future for us all regardless of our religion, race, heritage, ethnicity, gender, or any other category of difference. 

We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured and to our Jewish neighbors and friends, and our immense gratitude to the law enforcement officers who risked their lives to save others, to the first responders and medical personnel who acted so swiftly, and to our civic leaders for their moral clarity and strong leadership in responding to this tragedy. We have made our support known directly to the agencies involved in the immediate response. 

Those interested in also expressing support might consider giving to the Our Victims of Terror Fund at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. Know we will get through this and emerge a stronger Pittsburgh.

Read "We Are the Cure" blog by the Endowments President, Grant Oliphant

1st Amendment conference videos now available

In June, The Pittsburgh Foundation, The Heinz Endowments and the Philadelphia-based Media Impact Funders co-sponsored “The First Amendment for the 21st Century: Current Threats and Community Responses.” The conference brought in speakers from around the country to discuss the critical importance of the fundamental liberties of freedom of religion, expression, the press, public assembly and government petition, which are facing unprecedented threats from rising incivility and intolerance. These rights are essential to what unites us as Americans, no matter our backgrounds or political ideologies. 

Watch the videos

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Center of Life's "Diversity Dialogue" Podcast Tune in to the first three episodes on the Apple podcast app now
Center of Life's "Diversity Dialogue" Podcast

Hazelwood is one of Pittsburgh's most historic and vibrant neighborhoods, and Center of Life is helping to tell the community's stories with its new "Diversity Dialogue" podcast. Download and listen as Center of Life explores conversations about race with residents from all walks of life, including the story "Love is Blind (and Cross-Cultural)" about the marriage between a black man from Hazelwood and a white German woman who grew up under the Nazi regime.  

"Diversity Dialogue" podcast
h Magazine

In the Neighborhoods - In a three-part series, h magazine travels to the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Homewood, Hazelwood and the Hill District, where The Heinz Endowments and other philanthropies are partnering with residents and local organizations to build on assets and expand opportunities. The first stop is Homewood, a neighborhood at the eastern end of the city where entrepreneurs and artists are working to redefine the community.

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We Are the Cure

In response to the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Grant Oliphant, president of The Heinz Endowments, asserts that the cure to this sickness in our society is in all of us - love, tolerance and coming together in community.

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Former Endowments intern among Pulitzer finalists

Brett Murphy was a communications intern at The Heinz Endowments six years ago, writing articles for our magazine and websites, and assisting younger interns with their projects. This spring, he was selected as a Pulitzer Prize finalist in journalism for his USA Today Network investigative series on the trucking industry. And the Endowments celebrates his achievement.

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Photo courtesy of the Communications Network Communications for Troubled Times

Grant Oliphant, President of The Heinz Endowments, was a key speaker at the annual Communications Network conference in Miami in September. A former Board Chair of the Network, Mr. Oliphant addressed the subject: ‘True. Kind. Now. Communications for Troubled Times,’ urging social sector communicators to use their voices and speak up for their organizations’ values “in a time when we cannot afford to remain silent.”

Watch the speech or view the transcript
Just Discipline and the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Greater Pittsburgh

A Heinz Endowments-funded study by the University of Pittsburgh’s Center on Race and Social Problems reveals severe racial disparities in out-of-school suspensions at Allegheny County schools. The report, “Just Discipline and the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Greater Pittsburgh: Local Challenges and Promising Solutions,” found that countywide the suspension rate for black students was more than seven times the rate for their non-black peers. The study also offers solutions, including reforms that are being used successfully in the Woodland Hills School District.

Read the report

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