Illustration showing many men going into a prison but very few leaving
One the right, a young African American boy is looking through a pair of binoculars. On the left, magnetic letters spell out, "Hello. Hi. Good Day." Scott Roller
Collage of previous awardees of the Investing in Professional Artists program. Logos of the three supporting organizations are in the bottom right corner.

Which side are you on?

Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant’s latest blog post describes severe flaws in America’s approach to criminal justice and explains how activists and organizations, including some foundations, are working to create reforms to make the system fairer. His essay also opens a special issue of the Endowments’ magazine, h, that explores criminal justice reform by examining efforts to change different factors that affect the country’s justice system.

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$10M funding for pre-natal to age 3 wellbeing and education

The Heinz Endowments has committed $10 million over three years to support a pre-natal to age 3 wellbeing initiative. The initiative focuses on care and education of young children and support for their families, and aims to ensure that all children are equally ready when they reach kindergarten age.

Read the Post-Gazette story about the initiative

Investing in Professional Artists

Sponsored by The Heinz Endowments, The Pittsburgh Foundation and the Opportunity Fund, the Investing in Professional Artists: The Pittsburgh Region Artists Program is guided by a shared belief in artistic excellence, creative development, and the need for continuous career advancement. The deadline for Investing in Professional Artists program grants for Creative Development and Artist Residency are Mon., Feb. 17, 2020.

2020 guidelines document and information on how to apply

Our Mission & Strategic Areas

The Heinz Endowments seeks to help our region thrive as a whole and just community, and through that work to model solutions to major national and global challenges. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we concentrate on advancing a sustainable future for our community and planet, successful learning outcomes for young people and their families, and a culture of engaged creativity for all our citizens.

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With grantmaking that averages almost $70 million annually, The Heinz Endowments is among the leading foundations in the United States. The impact of our grants lies in the possibilities they create, the critical need they address and the transformative change they help to bring about. Every grant listed here is part of that mission.

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Image of the hands of three children reaching across a table with a paintbrush. Cups of water, paints and paper are on the table. Jeremiah's Place provides child care and activities for expectant and new parents, refugees and immigrants, and during medical and mental health emergencies. (Image courtesy Jeremiah's Place)
Jeremiah's Place

Jeremiah's Place protects children and strengthens families by providing a safe haven of respite, health, renewal, and support for children when their families are experiencing a critical need for child care. Jeremiah's Place supports families without judgment, and treats every person who comes through its doors with respect, compassion and dignity. Since it began in Ap‌ril 2014, Jeremiah's Place has provided thousands of hours of emergency child care services to hundreds of families across nearly 100 ZIP codes.  

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