Particle Falls

Artist Andrea Polli brings her artwork and real-time visualization of air quality date to Downtown Pittsburgh.  What you see projected in lights on the Benedum Center is what you're breathing.  Don't miss this captivating experience!  Learn more.

Teresa Heinz receives the Aldo Leopold Award

Heinz Endowments Chairman Teresa Heinz was given the Aldo Leopold Award from Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, making her the third recipient of the school’s highest honor. Named for the late conservationist and Yale forestry school graduate, the award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to environmental protection, stewardship or ethics.

Fourteen years of war: are we doing enough?

Today marks our country’s 14th consecutive Veterans Day at war — a record.

In this time period, more than 2.6 million American service members — approximately 45,000 of whom call southwestern Pennsylvania home — have answered the call to action and served bravely in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Read more...)


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The Future of the August Wilson Center

Ensuring that the August Wilson Center for African American Culture is a thriving contributor to Pittsburgh’s cultural landscape is a priority for local civic and foundation leaders. On Oct. 24, WQED Multimedia’s 4802 host Chris Moore, center, discussed the center’s future with Grant Oliphant, president of The Heinz Endowments; Sala Udin, president and CEO of the Coro Center for Civic Leadership; Maxwell King, president and CEO of The Pittsburgh Foundation; and janera solomon, executive director of the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. Watch the episode here.

Girl Power

"Girl Power," written by Leah Samuel with photography by John Altdorfer, describes a Heinz Endowments grantmaking strategy that focuses on the challenging middle school years as the right time to encourage girls such as 13-year-old Rayquel Stevenson to reach their fullest potential. (Photo by John Altdorfer)

Downtown and Upbeat

Downtown Pittsburgh is on the upswing, attracting an increasing number of people and investors to the heart of the city. In the h magazine cover story "Downtown and Upbeat," writer Jeffery Fraser describes how a more vibrant Downtown has been a big plus for Pittsburgh's economy, reputation and even its self-image. (Photo by John Altdorfer)

Creative Assets

Solo artists like Julie Sokolow, Mark Clayton Southers, Natalie Settles and Miguel Sague III, shown left to right, have always enriched Pittsburgh’s arts and cultural scene. "Creative Assets," written by Christine O'Toole with photography by Noah Purdy, details a two-year-old partnership between The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation that is expanding creative opportunities for these artists and providing needed support for their work. (Photos by Noah Purdy)

Family Engagement and Education

Read the new research report from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University commissioned by The Heinz Endowments. This analysis of the family engagement and organizing for school reform landscape in Pittsburgh provides a scan of current efforts and recommendations for viable funding strategies to support the expansion of this important work locally.


Since its inception in 1881, the American Red Cross has provided disaster relief to people in their time of need through disaster relief services, blood donations and educational programs. The Western Pennsylvania Region of the American Red Cross, se... Read More

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The Heinz Endowments

The Heinz Endowments was formed from the Howard Heinz Endowment, established in 1941, and the Vira I. Heinz Endowment, established in 1986.

Our vision is for southwestern Pennsylvania to prosper as a premier place to both live and work, as a center for learning and educational excellence, and as a home to diversity and inclusion.

Our mission is to help our region thrive as a whole community – economically, ecologically, educationally and culturally – while advancing the state of knowledge and practice in the fields in which we work. Our fields of emphasis include philanthropy in general and the disciplines represented by our five grant-making programs: Arts & Culture; Children, Youth & Families; Education; Environment; and Community & Economic Development.


Downtown and Upbeat

"Downtown and Upbeat," written by Jeffery Fraser describes how Downtown Pittsburgh is on the upswing, attracting an increasing number of people and investors to the heart of the city. That's been a big plus for Pittsburgh's economy, reputation and even its self-image.


Statement from Endowments' President Regarding Conflict Kitchen

In seeking to clarify our position on Conflict Kitchen’s current project last week, I spoke to the future of our relationship with the organization in a way that I fear invites misinterpretation. Just to be clear, the Endowments has a long and proud...

African American Men and Boys Initiative News


Blog: THE Point


Fourteen years of war: are we doing enough?

By Megan Andros

Today marks our record 14th consecutive Veterans Day at war. But are we doing enough to support veterans and military families who have sacrificed so much on our behalf?



After school matters

By Wayne Jones

While Allegheny County is making strides, there's still an unmet demand in our region for after-school programs. 


Propel Hazelwood: Fulfilling a dream

By Stan Thompson

Discussions about public education can easily become bogged down by school reform rhetoric. Hazelwood parents, students and community leaders offer an alternative narrative.

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