New data and personal stories bring urgency to examining link between cancer and our environment Photos (left, right): Mark Dixon/Blue Lens; center image: Scott Roller
RethinkVets coalition accepting applications for artist residency Detail from “Come Fly Away with Me” by RethinkVets 2018 exhibition artist Alicia Dietz
Supporting the First Amendment and Local Communities

New data and personal stories bring urgency to examining link between cancer and our environment

What role do environmental factors – the harmful chemicals in our air, land, water and products – play in cancer severity and diagnosis rates in our region? That question was front and center at the recent “Cancer and the Environment Symposium: Priorities for Research, Policy, and Clinical Practice” at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The event spotlighted eye-opening data and personal stories, underscoring the urgency of unified cross-sector action.   

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RethinkVets coalition accepting applications for artist residency

In an effort to shine light on the enormous experience, education, creativity and dedication to community that post-9/11 veterans have to offer our region, RethinkVets is spearheading an artist residency. Through a partnership with the Office of Public Art and funding in part from The Heinz Endowments, the two-year artist-in-residence will engage with a multitude of communities for input and collaboration throughout 2019, ultimately producing a creative project that will debut in 2020. Click here to read the press release. Submissions from individual artists or artist teams are welcomed.

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Supporting the First Amendment and Local Communities

Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant was a keynote speaker at this year’s Knight Foundation Media Forum in Miami, Fla. During his luncheon address, “The First Amendment and Communities: The View from Pittsburgh,” Mr. Oliphant urged his audience of foundation officials and media professionals to support courageous, quality journalism and to be engaged in their local communities. Jim DeFede, CBS Miami-WFOR journalist and author, introduced Mr. Oliphant and interviewed him after his remarks.

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Our Mission & Strategic Areas

The Heinz Endowments seeks to help our region thrive as a whole and just community, and through that work to model solutions to major national and global challenges. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we concentrate on advancing a sustainable future for our community and planet, successful learning outcomes for young people and their families, and a culture of engaged creativity for all our citizens.

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With grantmaking that averages almost $70 million annually, The Heinz Endowments is among the leading foundations in the United States. The impact of our grants lies in the possibilities they create, the critical need they address and the transformative change they help to bring about. Every grant listed here is part of that mission.

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Highlighted Grantee

The UrbanKind Institute Photo by Mark Perrott
The UrbanKind Institute

The UrbanKind Institute is rooted in a commitment to equity and social justice, working at the intersection of community experiences, public policy and academic research. Examining Pittsburgh’s role in shaping environmental and economic outcomes in Appalachia, the institute's recently released essay "Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh of Appalachia: A Geography of Power and Extraction" traces the region's history, from the rise of heavy industry in the mid-1800s to the contemporary development of shale gas extraction and the petrochemical industry. "The essay raises questions about who benefits from resource extraction,” said UrbanKind Institute President and CEO Dr. Jamil Bey. “It reminds us that rural areas and urban neighborhoods experience similar dynamics of power and exploitation.” 

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Photo by Annie O'Neill h Magazine

In a three-part series, h magazine travels to the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Homewood, Hazelwood and the Hill District, where The Heinz Endowments and other philanthropies are partnering with residents and local organizations to build on assets and expand opportunities. The second stop, in this issue of h, examines initiatives to revitalize Pittsburgh's Hill District.

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Creating a more just justice system

Carmen Anderson, Director of Equity and Social Justice at The Heinz Endowments, describes disturbing trends in our criminal justice system and a major initiative by the foundation to promote reform.

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Response to Michael Rosfeld trial verdict

Joint statement by Grant Oliphant, President, The Heinz Endowments and Maxwell King, President & CEO, The Pittsburgh Foundation in response to Michael Rosfeld trial verdict.

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New Report: The devaluation of assets in black neighborhoods

Funded by a $250,000 grant from The Heinz Endowments, a new report, "The devaluation of assets in black neighborhoods: The case of residential property," by Andre Perry, Brookings David M. Rubenstein fellow, Jonathan Rothwell, Gallup senior economist, and David Harshbarger, Brookings research assistant, seeks to understand how much money majority-black communities are losing in the housing market stemming from racial bias. Through the prism of the real estate market and homeownership in black neighborhoods, this report attempts to address the question: What is the cost of racial bias? 

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Photo by Joshua Franzos Equity Communications Workshop

More than 150 people participated in The Heinz Endowments’ first equity communications training for grantee organizations Feb. 19 at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. The session was led by Vanice Dunn, equity director for Provoc, a leader in communications analysis, strategy development and branding. As part of the Endowments’ efforts to more authentically infuse equity into its philosophical approach and daily practice, the foundation is partnering with Provoc to bring an equity-rooted focus to the communications practices of the Endowments and its grantees.

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Photo by by Sonarcheology Studios Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh

The Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh initiative is a joint grantmaking program of The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation, and is an outgrowth of a commitment by both foundations to create a vibrant and inclusive cultural life in the Pittsburgh region. The first step in applying for funding – the submission of a letter of intent, due March 15, 2019 – is now underway.

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