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100 Black Men of Western PA

2012 Financial Literacy
Presentation on

2012 Financial Literacy "Dollars & Sense" Program

The “100” Chairman of the Financial Literacy program has enhanced the annual program to be more interactive and have  named it “My Mind on My Money and My Money on My Mind” which includes improving students financial literacy skills in the areas of banking, saving, real estate investment, business ownership, investment banking, financial management, wealth creation and e-commerce opportunities.

Mr. Al Valentine, member of the “100” and Chairman of the Financial Literacy Program comments:

The program specifically focuses on basic personal financial skills that are relevant to the lives of pre-teens, teens and young adults to lay a solid foundation for financial independence and future financial decisions.  The goals and objectives of this program are to specifically teach young African American males and females to understand basic savings/ investment principles and apply these standards in their lives.  As a result of taking part in the State Farm “Dollar & Sense” Program, students will build confidence, apply practical skills and exhibit sensible behaviors related to money management.

Several of the classes are presented by Mr. Burley and Mr. Moore, business professionals.


Ron Lawrence, President, 100 Black Men of Western Pennsylvania Inc. 100 Black of Western Pennsylvania and Business Professionals Student Participants in the Financial Literacy Program