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Endowments launches new veterans media campaign

PITTSBURGH, Pa., Nov. 9, 2018 – The Heinz Endowments has launched a new digital media campaign that aims to help bridge the military-civilian gap of the United States’ 2.6 million Post-9/11 veterans, including approximately 50,000 who have settled in the Pittsburgh region. 

The month-long campaign – unveiled to help commemorate Veterans Day – addresses misperceptions that many Post-9/11 veterans face as they reintegrate into civilian life, specifically that they are damaged physically or mentally in ways that may inhibit them from excelling in careers or being active in their communities.

The campaign focuses on the value of returning servicemen and women as assets to their communities and tells the stories of veterans in Pittsburgh, explaining the challenges they have encountered and the strength of the comprehensive range of skills, qualifications and leadership abilities they offer as they enter new professional careers and as community volunteers.

Digital messaging, using Pittsburgh regional media sites, link to a special website, that was created by the Endowments in the summer last year with the launch of its first  campaign designed to help build public awareness and understanding of issues facing veterans as they kick-start their civilian careers. Partner veteran service providers nationwide are joining the Endowments in sharing the campaign on their social media platforms.

In addition to its storytelling role, provides resources for veterans and their families, potential employers and the public. Ten additional short videos, each focusing on a single Pittsburgh-region veteran, will be released over the course of the next four weeks.
One of the digital messages features images of U.S. Navy veteran and Hazelwood Initiative Community Organizer Patti Gerhauser, both as a civilian and in her active-duty uniform, stating: “She defended our nation at sea. Now she’s navigating challenges in our communities.” 

Megan Andros, the Endowments’ program officer for veteran issues, said “Our hope is that those who interact with this campaign will get to know these veterans, their stories and the wealth of knowledge, leadership experience and dedication to bettering their community that they have to offer. We hope it will help encourage more action to support the real needs of veterans.”

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