2008 Program Recap

Twenty-nine youth interns worked in eight teams to award almost $200,000 in grants.

Three teams worked with The Heinz Endowments:

  • Under the program title of “Generation ART,” the first team looked to fund projects that engage youth in kindergarten through eighth grade with opportunities to explore and develop an interest in the arts. Interns were Sarah DeWalt, Erin Drischler and Kenneth Toler.
  • The second team of interns at the Endowments sought proposals from organizations that promote positive self-image and the empowerment of young women and girls ranging from the ages of eight to 18, with the “Inside Out Initiative.” Interns were Nora Gannon, Charla Hubbard and Megan Neuf.
  • “It Starts with YOUth,” the third team at the Endowments, looked to fund organizations in Allegheny County that seek to make their programs more appealing to older youth. They awarded funds for research projects to help organizations develop better ways to recruit and retain teenage participants. Interns were Jackie Betz, Janee Hall and Timiya Jackson.

Interns at The Forbes Funds looked to support organizations in Allegheny County with programs for students in grades six through 10 that are dedicated to encouraging and promoting civic engagement through digital media. Interns were Jackson Kernion, Molly McManus and Shannon.

The interns working with the Sarah Heinz House targeted programs in the greater Pittsburgh area that empower fourth- to eighth-grade girls with the tools, knowledge and resources to positively impact their future. Interns were Nia Baton-Stawson, Laura Cranville and Adrienne Shoop.

The United Way of Allegheny County interns were interested in funding programs that prevent youth violence and promote education through mentorship. Interns were Elizabeth Allwes, Shi Kayla Kapree-Clancy, Alan McLain and Jordan Thorpe.

The team at North Hills Community Outreach looked to grant money to organizations in Allegheny County that support positive mentoring relationships with children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The interns were Stephen Freehling, Kate Pfrommer, Justin Taylor and Alexandra Zabierek.

Pittsburgh Cares interns were interested in funding after-school programs that foster growth and development in youth ages 10 through 15. The interns were Ben Dempe, Kara Drabick and Kate Roberts.

An online video that provides an overview of the youth philanthropy program and information about projects in previous years is available.