2007 Program Recap

Twenty-two youth interns worked in six teams to award more than $150,000 in grants.

  • As part of their “Youth and Community Public Art Initiative,” the Endowments-based interns sought proposals for programs that involved youth in community efforts to develop public art. Interns were Kathryn McCaffrey, Louis Finley, Trevor King and Adrienne Webb.
  • For their “Leading the Way” project, interns at The Forbes Funds looked for proposals from organizations or programs that develop youths’ leadership skills and provide a platform for youth opinions. This team included Alicia Atterberry, Sydney Blount and Michael Surh.
  • The interns working with The Pittsburgh Foundation called their initiative “Creatively Approaching Literacy.” They reviewed programs that teach, encourage and promote literacy through reading and creative writing among children and teenagers in grades three through 12. Susan Carr, Jules Coulson and Maurisha Trent served as interns.
  • The United Way of Allegheny County interns funded programs that address the violence and educational problems facing African-American youth and young adults ages 12 to 24 in the City of Pittsburgh. They named their project "GRANTS: Giving Realistic Alternatives to Nurture Today's Society." The United Way interns were Christopher Carter, Chelsey McCoy, Audra Pettus and Mahra Whitelock.
  • There were two teams working with North Hills Community Outreach.
    • Under the program title “A Stronger Tomorrow,” the first team funded projects that engage youth in kindergarten through grade 12 in positive activities that promote learning, safety and health. This team included Katherine Pfrommer, Katie Rectenwald, Theresa Timcheck and Katelyn Walzer.
    • The second North Hills Community Outreach team’s project, called the "Stabilizing Youth Development Grant Opportunity," awarded money to organizations that improve the lives of at-risk children and youth. The team included Christina Binz, Kaitlyn Kirby, Scott Sullivan and Monique Wingfield.

A video that provides an overview of the program and information on last year’s projects also is available.