Two men sitting and talking during the family engagement celebration at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Family engagement celebration at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Phogo by Sean Means
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h Magazine - Issue 1, 2018
 h Magazine - Issue 1, 2018

Organizational, August 24, 2018

In a three-part series, h magazine travels to the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Homewood, Hazelwood and the Hill District, where The Heinz Endowments and other philanthropies are partnering with residents and local organizations to build on assets and expand opportunities. The first stop, in this issue of h, is Homewood, a neighborhood at the eastern end of the city where entrepreneurs and artists are working to redefine the community.

Also included in this issue is "Technology Shift," which discusses efforts underway to ensure that, as technology advances, local workers don't get left behind and "The Write Place," detailing the work of City of Asylum, which provides sanctuary for writers who have been persecuted in their home countries and creates community for those who want to explore art from around the world.

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h magazine - Issue 2, 2017
 h magazine - Issue 2, 2017

Organizational, November 27, 2017

In a nation divided, it’s easy to complain about conditions that are keeping us apart. It’s harder to offer solutions while acknowledging the problems, and harder still to demonstrate how to heal rifts rather than just talking about the importance of doing so. In this special
issue of h magazine, 29 Pittsburgh-area leaders describe how their work tries to build what we’re calling “a community of we,” a place where unity, respect and justice are priorities, and all have the chance to live to their fullest potential.

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h magazine - Issue 1, 2017
 h magazine - Issue 1, 2017

Organizational, March 16, 2017

This issue of h Magazine contains the following stories:

  • "Next Stage," by Jeffery Fraser details the history of the Almono development in Pittsburgh's Hazelwood neighborhood.
  • "Ground Work," by Jeffery Fraser outlines the planning, construction and vision of the Almono Development.
  • "Nurturing Neurons," by Christine H. O'Toole tells how learning more about how babies develop can guide public policy in areas such as education and health so that both children and communities thrive.
  • "Sustaining Strategies: Making Progress with p4," by Jeffery Fraser tell the story of how Pittsburgh's p4 initiative has made inroads in solidifying the city's commitment to sustainable development that were unveiled at a second p4 Summit last fall.
  • "Community Play-Creation," by Mark Kramer reminds us that when residents, including children, have the chance to help design play spaces in their own communities, everyone can enjoy the process and the outcome.

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h magazine - Issue 2, 2016
 h magazine - Issue 2, 2016

Organizational, October 21, 2016

When The Heinz Endowments rolled out the concept of "Just Pittsburgh" earlier this year, it opened the door to conversations about how commitments to equity and justice can enhance the quality of life for many residents in variety of ways. Stories in this issue of h highlight examples of what already is being done to make that happen.

Just Pittsburgh Introduction

Just Health:

  • "Garden Fresh," by Christine O'Toole, tells how urban gardening in Pittsburgh is providing lifelong lessons in healthy nutrition and renewing interest in growing food as part of local culture.
  • "Head Start," by Christine O'Toole, details how the latest efforts in the Pittsburgh region to reduce infant mortality involve increasing access to environmental education and lifesaving mother's milk.

Just Community:

  • "Design Inclusion," by Jeffery Fraser, shows how two programs that promote design as part of Pittsburgh development projects are also helping to improve and maintain social and racial equity in the city.
  • "Previewing p4: Economic and Social Equity," by Jeffery Fraser, outlines how the second major summit to advance the p4 initiative, which aims to help transorm Pittsburgh into a sustainable city, will focus on ensuring that all residents benefit from revitalization efforts.
  • "Then to Now: Pittsburgh's Immigrant Story," by  Ben Wecht, tells how helping immigrants feel more at home in Pittsburgh may be a matter of devising the right welcome "blueprint."
  • "Home Front," by Jeffery Fraser, details how recent discussions with Pittsburgh Veterans reveal that, while their military service should be appreciated, their civilian potential also should not be taken for granted.

Just Arts:

  • "Art on the Block," by Renee P. Aldrich, tells how a new public art project is showing how the artistic spirit runs deep in many Pittsburgh neighborhoods - not just the trendy ones.
  • "The Art of Expression," by Renee Aldrich, details how a former neighborhood YMCA's transformation into Pittsburgh's new creative youth Center means city students have a dedicated space to explore the arts and expand their horizons.
  • "Community "Transformazium," by Cristina Rouvalis, tells how the arts team Transformazium creates partnerships in Braddock Borough that offer innovative opportunities to the economically struggling community.

Just Education:

  • "Keeping the Promise," by Eleanore Chute, provides an update on the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program that began almost 10 years ago. Although it has faced challenges in helping more city students pursue postsecondary education, the Promise has continued and so have the opportunities that it provides.
  • "Airtime," by Malik Vincent, shine a light on the nearly four-decades-old Saturday Light Brigade Radio Program. Not only does it produce shows that appeal to children and teens, but also helps students learn media skills - sometimes receiving national recognition for their work.

Photos by Scott Goldsmith unless otherwise indicated.

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h magazine - Issue 1, 2016
 h magazine - Issue 1, 2016

Organizational, June 2, 2016

This issue of h Magazine contains the following stories:

  • "A Remarkable Legacy," commemorates Teresa Heinz's 25 years as chairman of the foundation with a look at the remarkable list of accomplishments under her leadership as the next generation of the Heinz family prepares to take the helm.
  • "Sustained Vision," written by Jeffery Fraser. Pittsburgh is forging ahead with development projects designed to transform sections of the city while incorporating ideas from last year's international conference on how to make urban revitalization sustainable.
  • "Riverfront Renovation," written by Jeffery Fraser. Riverfront revitalization efforts in the Strip District, where redesigned landscapes and buildings will mix with unique shops and entertainment venues.
  • "Banking on Redevelopment," written by Megha Satyanarayana. Pittsburgh officials and civic leaders are hoping the city's new land bank will prove to be an effective as well as innovative way of turning abandoned or tax-delinquent properties into community assets.
  • "Ecocentric Millvale," written by Eleanor Chute. Millvale, one of southwestern Pennsylvania's many rustbelt mill towns, is planning to turn into an environmentally conscious community with sustainable food-based businesses.
  • "Taking the Challenge," written by Jeffery Fraser. Several hundred properties in Pittsburgh's Downtown and Oakland neighborhoods are paring down their energy costs to reach 50 percent reduction by 2030 - and they're on track to reach that ambitious goal.
  • "Community Builders," written by Taia Pandolfi. Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh's Impact Neighborhoods program is taking the organizaiton's free renovation services for low-income homeowners to the next level by focusing on multiple improvement projects to benefit the broader community.
  • "Veteran Repairs," written by Taia Pandolfi. As a Mission Continues volunteer, Army veteran Patrice Cook, now spends a good amount of her time carrying construction tools rather than military weapons.
  • "Big Data, Bigger Potential," written by Christine H. O'Toole. Collecting, analyzing and using a massive amount of data may seem to be a daunting task, but technological advances are making the process easier and enabling "big data" to improve the lives of individuals and families.
  • "Leadership Formation," written by Elwin Green. Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay's efforts to improve relations between police officers and African American communities include using police leadership training to help turn the tide.
  • "Bridge Work," written by Jamar Thrasher. The Heinz Endowments-commissioned "Barriers & Bridges" report identifies significan obstacles to economic progress for African American men and suggests ways to overcome them.
  • "Rolling Pipelines," written by Marcus Stern. More people across the country want to avoid possible risks posed by "oil trains" traveling through their communities, and a Pittsburgh conference has offered ideas on what local leaders can do.

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h magazine - Issue 3, 2015
h magazine - Issue 3, 2015

Organizational, December 12, 2015

This issue of h Magazine contains the following stories:

  •  “We Say No More,” written by Christine H. O’Toole. Domestic violence should not happen to anyone — anytime, anywhere. Organizations across the Pittsburgh region are uniting around efforts to support safe havens for victims of abuse and to promote initiatives to prevent the violence from happening.

  • “Fixing Our Heroes Welcome,” written by Jeffery Fraser. Soldiers returning from war need constructive support rather than a confusing web of services. A new public–private network is making it easier for veterans to navigate a path to civilian success.

  • “Remembering Elsie,” written by Grant Oliphant. On paper, the late Elsie Hillman presented the classic profile of a grande dame of philanthropy and politics. In person, Mrs. Hillman was gracious, down to earth and beloved throughout Pittsburgh for her relatable personality.

  • “Fusion in Sight and Sound,” written by Jeffery Fraser. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is serving up live classical music with a side of jazz, pop rock and even barbecue as it tries to beef up concert attendance.

  • “Assessing STEM,” written by Tom Imerito. As leaders across the country emphasize the importance of STEM education in the 21st century, Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center has created new tools to help schools determine whether their STEM programs are working.

  • “Curtain Rising,” written by LaMont Jones. After more than a year marked by bankruptcy, sporadic programs and the threat of a severely reduced Downtown presence, Pittsburgh’s August Wilson Center for African American Culture is making a comeback thanks to philanthropic and community support.

  • “Air Measures,” written by Megha Satyanarayana. The Speck air quality monitor, developed at Carnegie Mellon University, fits in your hand, but it also lets you know how much pollution surrounds you.

  • “What We Breathe,” photographed by Brian Cohen, Scott Goldsmith, Annie O’Neill and Lynn Johnson. The images from the photography exhibition “In the Air: Visualizing what we breathe” provide a startling look at the pollution affecting people every day in western Pennsylvania.

  • “Social Servant,” written by Christine H. O’Toole. Marge Petruska, senior director of The Heinz Endowments’ Children, Youth & Families Program, will retire at the end of this year, but the improvements that her work has made in the lives of many people across Pennsylvania will not.

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h magazine - Issue 2, 2015
h magazine - Issue 2, 2015

Organizational, July 28, 2015

This issue of h magazine contains the following stories:

  • "Changing Sites and Scenes," written by Allison Keene, tells how reviving a struggling steel town takes commitment and hard work.  But the passion of Braddock's mayor and residents to transform their borough is attracting creative development approaches and the funding to support them.
  • "East End Eclectic," written by Ben Wecht, describes how Garfield is no longer a Pittsburgh neighborhood people drive through to get elsewhere.  Thanks to new businesses and venues with artistic flare, the community is becoming a cultural and entertainment destination.
  • Pittsburgh civic and nonprofit leaders have introduced a new model for urban revitalization that builds on the insights of experts in sustainability and innovation. This special, four-part report describes how the p4 initiative - launched at an international summit co-hosted by The Heinz Endowments and the City of Pittsburgh - addresses people, planet, place and performance issues to improve redevelopment:
    • "Forging a Vision"
    • "View from the Summit"
    • "Nordic Connection"
    • "Putting p4 into Practice"
  • "The Gap," written by Christine H. O'Toole, describes research produced by the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management that reveals how nonprofits have just as much difficulty achieving pay equity for women in their organizations as for-profit companies...maybe even more.
  • "Play Learning," written by Christine H. O'Toole, tells how researchers and nonprofits are helping adults, especially parents, to take play seriously and to ensure that more children are joining the fun.

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h magazine - Issue 1, 2015
h magazine - Issue 1, 2015

Organizational, March 6, 2015

This issue of h magazine contains the following stories:

  • "Rivertown Rebirth," written by Jeffery Fraser, tells how optimism and opportunities are increasing in Pittsburgh's Hazelwood neighborhood with each phase in the community's transformation.
  • "(Un) Finished Business," written by Christine O'Toole, reminds us that while much has been accomplished in and around Pittsburgh, much still needs to be done.
  • "Gadgets & Gizmos & Community Gain," written by Cristina Rouvalis, describes how Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE Lab is addressing social changes through technology in ways that empower individuals and communities as well as assist them.

Note: This is the complete issue, and because of the file size, may take a few minutes to download. Individual sections of the magazine can be found below.

h magazine - Issue 2, 2014
h magazine - Issue 2, 2014

Organizational, October 29, 2014

This issue of h magazine contains the following stories:

  • "Girl Power," written by Leah Samuel with photography by John Altdorfer, tells how middle school is often portrayed as a challenging phase in the lives of many students.  A Heinz Endowments grantmaking strategy is betting that it's the right time to encourage girls to reach their fullest potential.
  • "Downtown and Upbeat," written by Jeffery Fraser describes how Downtown Pittsburgh is on the upswing, attracting an increasing number of people and investors to the heart of the city.  That's been a big plus for Pittsburgh's economy, reputation and even its self-image.
  • "Creative Assets," written by Christine O'Toole with photography by Noah Purdy, details a two-year-old partnership between The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation that is expanding creative opportunities for solo artists, while filling in funding gaps to support their work.

Note: This is the complete issue, and because of the file size, may take a few minutes to download. Individual sections of the magazine can be found below.

h magazine - Issue 1, 2014
h magazine - Issue 1, 2014

Organizational, June 10, 2014

A lot has changed in Pittsburgh since the steel industry collapsed 30 years ago. This issue of h assert that many changes have been for the better, though challenges remain. As part of the transformation, more young people are coming into the city than are leaving. Many have created lifestyles filled with unique places to live, work and play that are making them want to stay in the region. Some of these young people tell their own stories of why Pittsburgh is special in this issue of h

  • "Moving Forward" -  Intro with photography by Joshua Franzos.
  • "Rebound," by David Golebiewski, tells the story of Pittsburgh's resurgence since the collapse of the steel industry 30 years ago. Photo by Joshua Franzos
  • "Livable for All?" by Malik Vincent is a personal account of one young man's challenges and accomplishments as he establishes himself in the community. The promise of Pittsburgh's economic recovery has not been available to everyone, and as a result, some residents have pushed forward using pathways other than those offered by the growing technology and service industries. Photos by Joshua Franzos.
  • "Knowledge Factories," by Ben Schwartz, and with reporting by Mona Moraru, describes how new economic opportunities in Pittsburgh have spurred new educational ones, with schools such as Point Park and Robert Morris universities growing in regional prominence.
  • "Opportunity & Adventure," by Kelsey Hughes, gives a tour of hip venues around town that reflect the city's unique character. Photos by Joshua Franzos and Emmai Alaquiva.
  • "After Steel: Business Rebirth," by Michael Oliphant, tells how innovative startups are stepping forward to help fill the void left by the departure of big manufacturing companies from Pittsburgh. Photography by Joshua Franzos.

Also included in this issue:

  • "Perspectives," is a new feature of h that highlights two distinct views on an issue from the previous edition. This Perspective deals with different approaches to supporting veterans as they readjust to civilian life.
  • "Celebrate," captures the moment when the first class of Heinz Fellows graduated from Duquesne University.
  • Three portraits of interesting young adults from the Pittsburgh region: Anna Marie Toccket, Eric Hagarty and Linsey McDaniel.
  • Why Pittsburgh? - A group of under-40-somethings tell why they consider Pittsburgh an attractive place to live. Illustration by Peter Arkle.
  • "3 Rivers X 2 Wheels" provides the reader with a handlebar view as Sara Cole bikes from her East Liberty neighborhood to her job downtown.
  • Explore Peter Arkle's illustration of "61 Things" (that you might see if you go kayaking on the Three Rivers)
  • "Here & There"

Note: This is the complete issue, and because of the file size, may take a few minutes to download. Individual sections of the magazine can be found below.


h magazine - Issue 2, 2013
h magazine - Issue 2, 2013

Organizational, December 5, 2013

This issue of h magazine contains the following stories:

  • "River Crews," by Brett Murphy details how in the five years since River Quest's Explorer docked in Pittsburgh, thousands of schoolchildren have boarded the "green" ship to learn lessons from the region's rivers while philanthropic and corporate support has helped keep the education nonprofit above water.  Photography by Jim Judkis.
  • "Exit Plan," by Jeffery Fraser tells how readjusting to civilian life can be difficult for veterans, but many in the Pittsburgh region say they're up for the challenge - and some local philanthropies are working together to make the journey a little easier. Tintype portraits by Jason Snyder.
  • "Wet Weather," by Christine H. O'Toole describes how environmentally friendly solutions to prevent stormwater from overwhelming Allegheny County's sewer system may offer ways to control costs and meet new federal clean water standards as well as create attractive public spaces.

Note:  This is the complete issue, and because of the file size, may take a few minutes to download. Individual sections of the magazine can be found below.

h magazine - Issue 1, 2013

Organizational, June 29, 2013

This special issue of h magazine on urban public education contains the following sections:

  • Message by Teresa Heinz, Chair, The Heinz Endowments
  • "Is Urban Public Education a Lost Cause?" - Nationally recognized education scholar Pedro Noguera sees hope for public education in Pittsburgh and other urban centers, but business as usual in city schools cannot continue. Photography by Joshua Franzos.
  • "Barriers" - A parent whose children attend a city public school, another who made a different choice for her children, and Pittsburgh School Superintendent Linda Lane offer unique perspectives on the challenges facing urban public education and its primary constituents - children.
    • "Public School Daze," opening essay by Mark Kramer
    • "Opting Out," by Katharine B. Dansby-Dean
    • "A Different Choice"
    • "Head of the Class," by Mark Kramer
    • "Parent Satisfaction Survey: We Agree"
    • "Side Notes"
  • "Reform" - Because one size doesn't fit all, a variety of initiatives have been launched in the Pittsburgh region to help students learn and grow into productive adults, and some have been more successful in their efforts than others.
    • "Blueprint for Reform," opening essay by Carmen Lee
    • First Person: "Feels Like Family," written by Beth Baranowski and Christine Smith
    • First Person: "School Volunteer Spirit," written by Maria Searcy
    • First Person: "Building Community," written by Jodie Moore and Rev. Tom Johnson
    • "Hits, Misses & Maybes," researched and compiled by Jeffery Fraser
    • "Outside In," researched and compiled by Jeffery Fraser
    • "Side Notes"
    • "Teacher Survey: Mixed Rep
  • "Investment"
    • "Models of Success," - They're known collectively as the Heinz Fellows, but to many students at Westinghouse High School, they've been male role models, mentors and friends during two of the school's most tumultuous years. Written by Douglas Root; photography by Martha Rial.
  • "Voices" - Adults have a lot to say about urban public education, and so do teenagers. When given a chance to talk about their ideas, students reveal that they understand when schools work and when they don't.
    • "From the Mouths of Teens," opening essay by Christine H. O'Toole
    • "Our Turn at the Table," by Dynae Shaw
    • "Going through Hoops"
    • "Student Survey: The 7Cs"
  • "Cheers & Fears" - Urban public education has supporters as well as detractors, and many people aren't willing to give up on it. Written by Christine H. O'Toole
  • Here & There

All illustrations by Pittsburgh artist Stacy Innerst.

h magazine - Issue 2, 2012
h magazine - Issue 2, 2012

Organizational, November 15, 2012

This issue of h magazine contains the following stories:

  • "Open House," by Elwin Green, which details the importance of Hosanna House in Wilkinsburg to the people it serves.
  • "Act II: After the Mill, by Jeff Fraser and with photography by Martha Rial, tells the continuing story of a former steel mill site in Hazelwood that was purchased a decade ago by The Heinz Endowments and three other local foundations.  Now, with several obstacles gone and renewed vision for the transformation of the property and neighborhood, revitalization is becoming a reality.
  • "Journalism 2.0," by Christine H. O'Toole, describes how that although journalism has been dramatically transformed by online media, Pittsburgh foundations are doing what they can to ensure that in-depth, local news coverage doesn't disappear.

h magazine - Issue 1, 2012
h magazine - Issue 1, 2012

Organizational, July 15, 2012

This issue of h magazine contains the following stories:

"Green Legacy," tells how even after 50 years, Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" continues to galvanize those committed to protecting the environment.

"Air Time," details how the Breathe Project campaign is using traditional and social media to make sure cleaning up the Pittsburgh region's air is a universal message.

"Community Affairs" describes nearly seven decades of work by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development to lead initiatives and collaborations that transform Pittsburgh.

h magazine - Issues 2 & 3, 2011
h magazine - Issues 2 & 3, 2011

Organizational, January 18, 2012

This issue of h magazine contains the following stories:

"Medium & Message: Celebrating 10 Years," by Endowments Communications Director Doug Root, tells how the past decade of storytelling at the Endowments began with the creation of h magazine and ended in the midst of a communications technology revolution that has greatly expanded our storytelling opportunities.

"Wise Rhymes," written by Lynda Guydon Taylor, describes how philanthropy is using the power of hip-hop to help students learn life-affirming lessons.

"United Front," written by Christine H. O'Toole, details how two foundations headquarted at opposite ends of Pennsylvania are committed to collaboration on statewide issues.

"Cleanup Crew," written by Mark Kramer, tell how sustainability coordinators work within organizations to test new systems and practices that are good for the people, the environment, and the bottom line.  (Photography by Joshua Franzos)