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1Hood Media Academy

The 1Hood Media Academy in East Liberty has been able to help redefine Black Life narratives, working with and throughout the city with black youth in accomplishing this. Next year will be 10 years 1Hood started out on a mission to provide our black youth with Media Literacy skills. The importance of us as a people being equipped with the resources and language to operate truthfully through our medias, is necessary especially today for the youth coming behind us. 

The Heinz Endowments did a study showing where 86% of the time local Pittsburgh media covers stories relating to Black People on TV, it's about crime. While social media is still adjusting to how people want to really use it, mainstream media continues to marginalize and push a damaging narrative of what Black Youth and Black Culture is. At 1Hood Media Academy, the students are encouraged and taught to create their own media that reflects them and tells their stories; their lives and ideas. This year we were able to work with the Andy Warhol Museum on making our "Don't Let Them Get Away With Murder" mural, performing during the 1Hood Day Festival, participate in artist and community panels, and hold the weekly classes we have at Alloy Studios. 

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1Hood Media Founder and community activist, Jasiri X "1Hood Media Presents...Jacquea Mae" "1Hood Media Presents...Kendra Ross" 1Hood Day 2015