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One of the service programs we've been able to offer through 1Hood Media, are workshops based around different media literacy and creation topics. Being able to teach media fundamentals in and outside the classroom has allowed us to not only improve our curriculum for increasing media literacy, but also connect with other communities and groups to provide solutions to some of the common problems we face today. 

Here are some of the workshops we offer,


America’s Most Wanted: Hip Hop, The Media, and Mass Incarceration – America’s Most Wanted:

Hip Hop, The Media, and Mass Incarceration is an in depth discussion regarding the negative imagery prominent in current Rap music and probes who is responsible for shaping the negative narrative that dominates the genre. How Mass Media Leads to Mass Incarceration further analyses the direct connection between the contrary images of young men of color and the inordinate proportion of the same demographic fueling the prison industrial complex.  

Race, Gender, and the Power of  Hip Hop 

Clearly, Hip-Hop is a powerful means by which to reach and influence a large and diverse cross-section of the American population.  Therefore, attention to the type of language being used is critical, particularly when artists delve into issues surrounding race, gender, and sexual identity; special consideration must be given to the ways in which this language then impacts mainstream views of and attitudes toward specific groups of people.  Through this discourse, we explore how language can be used to improve self-image, dispel stereotypes, and provide a positive forum of self-expression while examining the power it has to shape the way society views “reality”.  We challenge audience members to consider the ways in which changing the language they choose to use helps them to enhance their personal focus on education, race, gender, and personal accountability.  

The Hip Hop Pedagogy

Undoubtedly, the Hip Hop culture is the primary culture embraced by youth all over the world. 1Hood Media stands as the antithesis of the negative stereotypes associated with Hip Hop and uses Hip Hop to promote social change in the ways that the founding fathers intended it to.  This workshop will showcase how we utilize the Hip Hop Pedagogy to educate, influence and empower young people. This workshop/panel will look at the various dimensions of media literacy, who’s behind the media in an attempt to uncover the underling themes and messages in relation to the target audience and how these images are interpreted and internalized as well as externalized effecting individual, communities, cultures, and society.

To check out more of the workshops we offer, click here.

1Hood Media Founder and community activist, Jasiri X "1Hood Media Presents...Jacquea Mae" "1Hood Media Presents...Kendra Ross" 1Hood Day 2015