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Being a Young Black Man in America


Whether it is talking about being a young Black youth in America or sharing our platform to bring light to atrocities that have happened in our community over the course of time, 1Hood Media believes that it is imperative to share and preserve our communities stories for ourselves.  In a report by Pew commissioned by The Heinz Endowments entitled Portraits and Perceptions, we find that 86% of the time Black men are seen in Pittsburgh media they are portrayed as criminals.  We take this personally and have committed to showing the nuanced realities of the Black family.  Realizing that stories of the poor and disenfranchised of the world need greater amplification, we share our platform to bring greater attention to varied truths. As such our media takes various forms. Videos, pictures, songs and beats all tell the stories of people of color through out the world.

In this blog we share the words from young Black men in our program who wanted to share their personal experience of being young & Black in America.  Additionally, we are sharing a segment we captured that shares a first hand account of the kidnapping of Emmett Till.  Emmett Till's cousin talks about how in thirty years no major press asked him (and others in the house) what actually happened. We notice this is a trend that has not necessarily changed.  We are grateful for the opportunity to assist in sharing these untold stories.   

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