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The Babies

The Babies

At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to generate sufficient significant information for our time here In The Spotlight ...but, I gotta tell you...we get in it and have been working tirelessly to produce quality content as a collective.  The students in our programming are considered part of that collective...deliberately, not as an after thought, we co-create.  Youth weigh in on the decisions we make, work as teaching artists, perform as artists, and create their own work to tell their own stories. Comprised of independent artists who define success for themselves at an early age...we are kinda like Wutang... 

Take for instance this video, The Babies.  It was produced by Idasa Tariq, shot by Haute Muslim, written and edited by Jasiri X, and features performances by A. King, Jannah Johari, L.U.C., Idasa Tariq, Paradise Gray, and Akil Esoon and artwork by D.S. Kinsel inspired by #chalkedunarmed. All part of the 1Hood family. This is indicative of how we roll.  As a family.  Throughout our time here, you will see this aspect of the culture of our organization represented in more than one work we have completed together. Check us out!

- Celeste, CEO, 1Hood Media

1Hood Media Founder and community activist, Jasiri X "1Hood Media Presents...Jacquea Mae" "1Hood Media Presents...Kendra Ross" 1Hood Day 2015