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Parent Nation Meeting Tonight

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and tonight parents in our Parent Nation program are meeting in Pittsburgh’s Northside. These monthly meetings are an opportunity for parents associated with a school team and parents who want advocacy training to come together and share what they’re learning and what they’re working on at their different schools.

We know from the research that schools that have strong relationships among staff, students and parents have stronger outcomes. Parent Nation teams are working to build those relationships at 8 schools across Pittsburgh. These teams have done so much in the past year. From a walkability survey and advocating for transportation fixes at Langley, to creation of a parent resource center and volunteer program at King, parents are making an impact in our schools.

Our community organizers provide coaching, strategic advice, and training to help parents achieve the goals they create for themselves. Our goal is to help parents become strong advocates for their children and schools.  Tonight's meeting is just another way in which we try to make that happen.

Enjoy your evening Pittsburgh. There’s some learning going on in the neighborhood tonight.

Carey Harris, Executive Director, A+ Schools Ron Cowell kicking off his presentation to community partners. The Grandview "Be There" team after welcoming students into the building Friday, April 25. Kirk Holbrook of A+ Schools firing up Grandview students to finish the school year strong. Parents from Pittsburgh Faison advocate for 5 teachers for 5 classes of Kindergarten and First Grade at the Board last night. Students and the author pose in front of ballots in support of the Student Bill of Rights.