Molly McHolme, a garden educator with the nonprofit Grow Pittsburgh, discusses natural solutions for eliminiating pests in Dilworth Elementary School's garden with her students. (Photo by Scott Goldsmith)

For generations, The Heinz Endowments has been devoted to improving the quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania and addressing challenges the region shares with communities across the United States. While that fundamental mission never changes, we also have been committed to using the most dynamic and transformative approaches in achieving our objectives and keeping pace with evolving societal needs and pressures.

With this in mind, Endowments staff spent the first quarter of 2016 meeting with community members, local nonprofits and philanthropy colleagues to develop a more collaborative and responsive grantmaking process. The result was the creation of three key priorities – Sustainability, Creativity and Learning – which now drive, focus and enhance our grantmaking program areas of Arts & Culture; Children, Youth & Families; Community & Economic Development; Education; and Environment & Health. We also have made sure that core to our work is a vision of a “Just Pittsburgh,” where all are included and where everyone who calls our region home has a real and meaningful opportunity to thrive.

Today, the Endowments is energetically pursuing its goal of helping southwestern Pennsylvania prosper as a vibrant center of creativity, learning, and social, economic and environmental sustainability. Explore our website to discover more about where we’re investing, what we’ve accomplished and how we’re growing through this process.

(Updated 1.3.2107)

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