The Heinz Endowments has identified the key priorities of Creativity, Sustainability and Learning to guide its grantmaking, placing the idea of a Just Pittsburgh at the heart of its vision. The Endowments’ commitment to these concepts has always been reflected in its work, even if not stated explicitly. Now our staff is crafting goals and strategies that will integrate the priorities across our grantmaking program areas. While this process is underway, we are providing brief overviews of each program that will be expanded later to incorporate this new approach.

The Endowments’ Education Program staff believes that public education is an essential pathway to a more just and equitable society. Likewise, it recognizes that learning is a life-long pursuit and best suited for multiple venues rather than limited to one. Consequently, the program’s overall goal is to use its leadership and grantmaking to advocate for all children in grades K-12 and their families living in the Pittsburgh region, especially in distressed neighborhoods, by supporting learning initiatives and experiences that are accessible, equitable and high-quality in school and out-of-school settings and in the broader community. To achieve this goal, the Education Program invests in efforts to cultivate strong teacher and administrator leadership, community partnerships, and a policy environment that is intentionally student- and family-centered so that children can thrive and contribute to the region’s intellectual and economic success.

(Updated 1.3.2017)

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