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By Grant Oliphant

Rethink Vets

Veterans should be treated as community assets when they return to civilian life. Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant explains how a new public service campaign encourages employers and the public to offer veterans opportunities rather than lip service.

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By Rev. Tim Smith

Finding Purpose Through Broken Pieces

In this moving tribute to Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood, Rev. Tim Smith describes the hope and resiliency of residents who have experienced pain and loss but are determined to pursue wholeness and justice in their community.

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By Grant Oliphant

Effective philanthropy: Steadfast in our true values in troubling times

Grant Oliphant, President of The Heinz Endowments, delivers a call for excellence in his address at the opening of the annual conference of the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) in Boston. Grant is Board Chair of the CEP.

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By Grant Oliphant

Crossing the Abyss

The abyss that now separates us from each other and even from our own understanding of ourselves has grown wide enough to swallow our decency and civility whole.  Normal persuasion can't bridge that.  But the arts can find a crossing, and so can good, solid reporting.

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By Grant Oliphant

We must remain an inclusive and welcoming city for all

H.J. Heinz, who founded the company that bore his name and created the wealth that in later generations endowed this foundation, was the child of immigrants, as were so many who started businesses in our community and so many who came here looking for work and for opportunities of their own.

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By Grant Oliphant



"I have felt overwhelmed by a landscape transformed by a maelstrom of fake news, misinformation, trolling, vilification and distraction..."

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By Grant Oliphant


In the last week my team and I have been asked countless times what the 2016 election and the ugliness and rancor that surrounded it mean for our agenda. Now that the election is over, many of the organizations we fund are expressing deep concern about the people and causes they serve.

We share that worry. But we are undeterred.

Here is what I told our team at the Endowments last week, which I believe only more emphatically now: We are not in the politics business; we are in the hope business. We are in the social impact business. What happened in the election was politics; what matters for us is what happens now, what we do next. 

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By Admin

Supporting Our Veterans

In its first year as a single-point-of-entry support network, PAServes has connected hundreds of returning military service members, other veterans and their families to a wide range of resources in the Pittsburgh region. Two staff members, who also are veterans, describe in this blog post how rewarding it has been to serve those who have served.

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By Illah Nourbakhsh

View from p4 Conference

Illah Nourbakhsh, a Carnegie Mellon University robotics professor and director of CMU’s CREATE Lab, attended the second annual p4 Summit, which was co-sponsored by the City of Pittsburgh and The Heinz Endowments and focused on equitable development. In a blog post reflecting on the conference, Dr. Nourbakhsh describes structural barriers he’s seen while working with local residents that reinforce inequity and need to be addressed.

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By Justin Laing

Grantee Inclusion: A Step Towards Mutual Accountability?

Having grantees participate in the development of foundation strategies is not a guarantee of greater social impact. But in a column originally posted on the Stanford Social Innovation Review website, Endowments Senior Arts & Culture Program Officer Justin Laing describes how grantee inclusion can strengthen grantee-funder relationships and promote mutual accountability, which can prove beneficial to everyone in the long run.

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