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Children, Youth & Families
Michelle M. Figlar
Vice President of Learning

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Michelle Figlar is the vice president for learning at The Heinz Endowments. Before joining the foundation in August 2016, Michelle served as deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning. She also has been executive director of the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) and has held various professional positions in the field of education.

Throughout her career in government, the nonprofit sector and the classroom, Michelle has been a strong advocate for young children, their families, and the caring adults in their lives. She served as co-chair of Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Early Childhood Education, and as a board member for the Birmingham Foundation, the Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC), and Jeremiah’s Place, western Pennsylvania’s first crisis nursery. She also was a member of the advisory council for Remake Learning and early education organizations such as the Pennsylvania Early Learning Council and the Early Learning PA Campaign.

Michelle is a native of Hazelwood and lives in Pittsburgh with her husband Greg Quinlan and their children Grady and Tilly.

Carmen A. Anderson
Director of Equity and Social Justice

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Carmen Anderson is a director of equity and social justice with the Endowments and also works within the Children, Youth & Families Program. Her focus is advancing the program’s primary emphases: targeting the critical needs of children in the first eight years of life, addressing the special needs of adolescent youth and strengthening families as a means to promoting healthy development among children. Carmen’s work includes identifying innovative programs to strengthen parents’ skills in child rearing and supporting their children’s health. She examines ways to provide financial education for parents and adolescents. Since 2007, Carmen has led the Endowments’ African American Men & Boys Initiative, which was created to identify educational, economic, social and leadership opportunities for African American men and boys in the Pittsburgh region. Carmen also assists in the Endowments’ development of strategies to make inclusion and diversity a defining element of the region.

Prior to joining the Endowments in 2000, Carmen was the executive director of Healthy Start, Inc., a federal public health initiative to reduce infant mortality in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Her leadership and commitment to the mission helped Healthy Start meet its primary goal of reducing the infant mortality rate – one of the historically highest in the country – by 50 percent in the six areas served by the program.

Carmen's professional work has focused primarily on women and children’s issues, particularly family violence and child maltreatment. In addition to many years of administrative and management work in the community, she has lectured and conducted workshops on a variety of topics pertinent to women, children and families. She has been active in promoting healthy families through community organizing and public awareness, including co-hosting a 15-part television series on the issue.

Carmen has a master’s degree in mental health, a bachelor’s degree in mass and interpersonal communications, and certificates in nonprofit management, business administration and victim services. She has received the U.S. Department of Human Services Commissioners Award for outstanding service in the field.

Vicki Beattie
Program Assistant

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Vicki Beattie joined the Endowments in June 2012. She was previously employed by WESCO International as a benefits administrator for 11 years. Vicki attended the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Excellence in the Arts prior to enrolling in California University’s Theater and Communications program. During the 1980s, she lived in Chicago and performed in various productions at the Wisdom Bridge Theater.

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