Full-time Employment Opportunity - Program Officer for Equitable Development

The Heinz Endowments is based in Pittsburgh, where it uses the region as a laboratory for the development of solutions to challenges that are national in scope. Although the majority of its giving is concentrated within Southwestern Pennsylvania, it works wherever necessary, including statewide and nationally, to fulfill its mission. This mission is “to help our region thrive as a whole community, economically, ecologically, educationally and culturally, while advancing the state of knowledge and practice in the fields in which we work.”

An organization in motion, the Heinz Endowments is seeking constant improvement and continual learning as well as a desire to work at the intersections of its grantmaking. The Heinz Endowments has intentionally taken time to refine its focus during a strategic planning process, emerging from that work with a goal of aligning its grantmaking and community investment work under “A Just Pittsburgh”. As a result of this planning process, it will continue to support fields of emphasis including philanthropy in general and the more focused disciplines represented by its three strategic grantmaking areas: Creativity, Learning, and Sustainability.

The Heinz Endowments seeks to:

  • Help ignite and sustain a new era of regional transformation by facilitating demonstrable and exemplary progress in areas critical to the community’s future.
  • Have a material and systemic impact on the priorities identified by its program areas and special initiatives.
  • Be a leading national benchmark for foundation effectiveness, ethics, regional focus, and general excellence in philanthropy.
  • Promote the advancement of a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive society.
  • Preserve its ability to sustain its philanthropic impact over time by continuing the prudent and longstanding practice of living within its means and managing its assets for the long term.

Purpose and Scope of The Position

This is a key hire as the individual who is chosen will be the first program officer hired to work broadly on equitable development in the strategic grantmaking area of Sustainability, bringing strong content expertise and applied experience in equity and economic and community development, while also possessing the ability to work collaboratively across the other two areas of focus. This individual must be sophisticated about looking for intersectionality, and respectful and ego-less in their approach to working with organizations.

The Program Officer works as part of a team of Heinz Endowments’ staff who are implementing an equitable development strategy. The position will play a key role in facilitating more impactful philanthropic/non-profit/public/private partnerships and result in a significant benefit to those most in need. The position encompasses a variety of responsibilities related to the research, analysis, and coordination of programmatic activities with a primary focus on the portfolio grants made to support the team’s strategy. Reporting to the Director of Community and Economic Development, this full-time, exempt role serves as a strong conduit for shared learning within the team and across programmatic teams.

From a behavioral perspective, the focus of this job is making connections with people, motivating and inspiring them to achieve results. Poise and an engaging, empathetic communication style based on natural warmth and enthusiasm are the keys to achieving the goals of this job. The work involves driving toward results by enrolling the commitment and buy-in of others. While the job requires strong initiative and self-direction, results are only achieved with and through people. Knowledge and skill in how to successfully influence and persuade others by understanding how their individual needs and motivations link to goals is essential. The job requires a high degree of “selling”, whether of ideas and policies within the organization, or with grantees in the community. While there is urgency to achieve goals, responsibility for the achievement of results needs to be shared and effectively delegated when necessary. Initiating projects and processes beyond established organization practices may require developing others and enlisting their support by using a “selling” rather than a “telling” communication style. A self-confident, extroverted style that can enliven, engage, and positively impact individuals and groups is essential. The ability to understand, quickly react, and motivate others to adapt to a changing environment is critical to success. In general, the core of this position requires a motivated and motivating team builder and organization developer.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assuming responsibility for the Endowments’ work in equitable development including the Endowments’ investments in specific, neighborhood-level projects, as well as city- and region-wide initiatives.
  • Infusing equity into the work of the Sustainability team and its strategy.
  • Integration among equity initiatives in the region including the Endowments’ support of the “All in Pittsburgh” initiative, the p4 Project, and more.
  • Playing a leadership role among all the Endowments strategic areas in distressed neighborhoods including Hazelwood, Homewood, and the Hill District communities of Pittsburgh.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

The ideal candidate for this role has a unique blend of the following:

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution (BA or BS) is required, preferably in economic and community development.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in community development or a related field is required. Preference will be given to candidates who have demonstrated direct and applied experience working in/managing a nonprofit development agency or organization.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of equitable economic development strategies addressing both the redevelopment of traumatized neighborhoods and communities and the creation of family-sustaining jobs in targeted sectors, as well as practices and policy changes that improve opportunities for disadvantaged people.
  • The ability to immediately or quickly understand the history, dynamics, relationships, and politics of Pittsburgh neighborhoods, and how that intersects with the larger region’s issues.
  • The intellectual capacity to think broadly about the economic and community development sector in Pittsburgh.
  • Excels in fostering coordination and collaboration aimed at the highest common denominator amongst cross-sectoral partners – public sector, private businesses, social justice advocates, and community.
  • Experience working with grassroots organizations.
  • Demonstrated ability to be a productive member of a community of people at work, respecting differences while working toward shared goals, comfort with periods of ambiguity, and constructive participation in ongoing organizational development.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to build relationships amongst diverse individuals, organizations, and communities.
  • Demonstrated ability to adhere to deadlines, manage time, and juggle multiple projects.
  • Collegiality and a sense of humor.
  • A demonstrated commitment and orientation toward social justice and equity.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

How to Apply

Applications from interested and qualified individuals are accepted through the following Nonprofit Talent website.

APPLICATION MATERIALS DUE BY: 5 PM, Friday, July 21st, 2017

The Heinz Endowments has retained Nonprofit Talent to assist with this important organizational change process. Interested individuals wishing to confidentially discuss this opportunity may contact Todd Owens, Principal at  or 412.512.3879. Please note that applications are not accepted at this email address.

Please direct all inquiries related to this position to Nonprofit Talent and do not contact The Heinz Endowments, or members of their Staff or Board.

The Heinz Endowments is an equal opportunity employer.

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