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h magazine - Issue 2, 2016
Category: Organizational
Date: 10/21/2016
Magazine Issue: Issue 2, 2016

When The Heinz Endowments rolled out the concept of "Just Pittsburgh" earlier this year, it opened the door to conversations about how commitments to equity and justice can enhance the quality of life for many residents in variety of ways. Stories in this issue of h highlight examples of what already is being done to make that happen.

Just Pittsburgh Introduction

Just Health:

  • "Garden Fresh," by Christine O'Toole, tells how urban gardening in Pittsburgh is providing lifelong lessons in healthy nutrition and renewing interest in growing food as part of local culture.
  • "Head Start," by Christine O'Toole, details how the latest efforts in the Pittsburgh region to reduce infant mortality involve increasing access to environmental education and lifesaving mother's milk.

Just Community:

  • "Design Inclusion," by Jeffery Fraser, shows how two programs that promote design as part of Pittsburgh development projects are also helping to improve and maintain social and racial equity in the city.
  • "Previewing p4: Economic and Social Equity," by Jeffery Fraser, outlines how the second major summit to advance the p4 initiative, which aims to help transorm Pittsburgh into a sustainable city, will focus on ensuring that all residents benefit from revitalization efforts.
  • "Then to Now: Pittsburgh's Immigrant Story," by¬† Ben Wecht, tells how helping immigrants feel more at home in Pittsburgh may be a matter of devising the right welcome "blueprint."
  • "Home Front," by Jeffery Fraser, details how recent discussions with Pittsburgh Veterans reveal that, while their military service should be appreciated, their civilian potential also should not be taken for granted.

Just Arts:

  • "Art on the Block," by Renee P. Aldrich, tells how a new public art project is showing how the artistic spirit runs deep in many Pittsburgh neighborhoods - not just the trendy ones.
  • "The Art of Expression," by Renee Aldrich, details how a former neighborhood YMCA's transformation into Pittsburgh's new creative youth Center means city students have a dedicated space to explore the arts and expand their horizons.
  • "Community "Transformazium," by Cristina Rouvalis, tells how the arts team Transformazium creates partnerships in Braddock Borough that offer innovative opportunities to the economically struggling community.

Just Education:

  • "Keeping the Promise," by Eleanore Chute, provides an update on the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program that began almost 10 years ago. Although it has faced challenges in helping more city students pursue postsecondary education, the Promise has continued and so have the opportunities that it provides.
  • "Airtime," by Malik Vincent, shine a light on the nearly four-decades-old Saturday Light Brigade Radio Program. Not only does it produce shows that appeal to children and teens, but also helps students learn media skills - sometimes receiving national recognition for their work.

Photos by Scott Goldsmith unless otherwise indicated.

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Just Pittsburgh
Garden Fresh
Head Start
Design Inclusion
Previewing p4: Economic and Social Equity
Then to Now: Pittsburgh's Immigrant Story
Home Front
Art on the Block
The Art of Expression
Community "Transformazium"
Keeping the Promise
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