The Legacy Arts Project

The Power of Arts

The power of the written word is tremendous and we intend to utilize it to spread the reach of the work that we do. As an arts organization, we seek the opportunity to create work that is transforming to both the artists and the witnesses, bringing each closer to themselves and each other. The artists that we work with have spent countless hours and years cultivating their abilities to impart their creativity in ways that are impactful. One such artist that we are fortunate to work with is Saihou Njie. 

Humble artist extraordinaire, Saihou has the ability to transform a space through his mere presence. Through his mode of delivery, the students of the Woodland Hills Junior High School Prime Time after school program, of which he serves as a teaching artist through Legacy, don't realize that he has engaged them in the process of work. Instead, they perceive it as exploration, which is his goal. He encourages them to observe themselves and the world around them, teaching them that their greatest capacity is within their reach. Saihou's presence serves as an embodiment of the potential of each person to positively impact humanity. His work demonstrates the power of art to serve as a tool for transformation as he leaves an indelible presence in the lives of the students that he teaches.


The Power of Love

Author: Erin Perry    Posted: 2/26/2015

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