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Mr. Mollov

Tango Anyone?

By Kathleen Painter

Jazzy rhythms.  Complex melody.  Intensity.  Vitality.  Crisp articulations.  These descriptors come to mind while playing Vladimir Mollov’s new composition, "Walking with Astor".

One Tuesday evening in October, Yulia Zhukoff, for whom the piece was originally written, joined us at our Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra rehearsal to rehearse Mollov’s piece.  I was extremely excited to hear the solo cello line.  Yulia didn’t disappoint… she brought energy and vitality to the rehearsal.  

Yulia commented to conductor, Warren Davidson, “it’s not [to be played] too fast”.  Then she dove with intensity into her opening statement.  Wait a minute, Yulia, you and I have different definitions of the meaning of fast!  I was pleased that the orchestra adjusted to the brisk tempo.  

I recently caught up with the composer by email. 

Q:  Vladimir, what inspired you to write this piece? 

“The inspiration came during a tour with my tango band, Cuidado.  We played many of Astor Piazzolla's compositions and enjoyed them very much.  This piece is my attempt to mimic Piazzolla's style.  The piece was originally meant for Cuidado featuring Yulia as a guest soloist.  The premier was in January of 2012 during the release party of Cuidado's first album.  The piece is also on the said album.” 

On November 8th, the PCO performed this terrific piece and many others.  We were joined by the Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh, and Folk Factory.  The concert left our patrons dancing in their seats! 

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Author: Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra    Posted: 11/21/2014

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