Place-Based Initiative

Local residents celebrate the opening of the Hazelwood section of the Heritage Trail in 2012 (photo by Martha Rial)

In 2010, Heinz Endowments staff determined that we needed to try a new approach to community development grant making in Pittsburgh. Previous research helped us understand that while each of our five programs — Arts & Culture; Children, Youth & Families; Community & Economic Development; Education; and Environment — has made significant investments in the same neighborhoods, we could be more effective if we better coordinated our efforts in a holistic way around a single plan formulated primarily by local residents working together with a community in a collaboration focused on improving the residents’ quality of life. The experiences of some other foundations around the country led us to understand that having all of our programs participating in the work in an individual community, over a long period of time and in more purposeful cooperation with a community’s leaders could lead to more successful and sustainable community revitalization.

Heinz Endowments' Staff for this initiative:

Janet Sarbaugh
Rob Stephany
Stan Thompson

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