In a time in which both foundations and grantees are increasingly asked by their stakeholders to talk about and demonstrate the impact of their work, the African American Men and Boys Task Force has committed to making evaluation a significant part of its efforts. To this end, we have engaged the Rand Corp. as the evaluator of this agenda.

However, the demonstration of impact is only one part of our rationale for placing a value on evaluation. Equally important is a desire to support our learning and that of our grantees with a process of ongoing data collection and feedback. In this way, we are able to: communicate to our board and advisory committee this initiative’s impact and lessons learned; make needed course corrections; and increase the evaluative capacity and effectiveness of our grantees by providing technical assistance and regular feedback. It is critically important that both successful and less successful models receive the thoughtful attention of those who are interested in this work, and, with that in mind, we plan to share what we learn with the larger field and interested parties in 2013.

Listing of 2012 AAMB Evaluation grants

(Updated 1.15.2013)

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