The communications framework outlines strategies designed to both inform the public and encourage community action. The first goal is to generate community understanding of issues facing African American men and boys in region that leads to dynamic pubic engagement, advocacy and policy change. This is accomplished through serving as a resource to each of the African American Men and Boys Task Force priority areas and to the Endowments. It also involves mobilizing community-wide calls to action that address issues affecting African American men and boys, and establishing, framing and linking platforms based on the task force’s priority areas.

The second goal focuses on increasing public recognition of the deficit framing used to discuss the successes and challenges facing African American men and boys, with the intent of encouraging community action to eliminate that framing and to increase positive images of African American males in the public sphere. This is achieved through supporting the creation and distribution of stories and media developed by, for or about African American men and boys; creating opportunities for organizations that work with or on behalf of African American men and boys to publicize their work to the larger community; and being a critical friend to the legacy media as they portray this population.

Listing of 2013 AAMB Communications grants 

(Updated 10.3.2014)

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