Identity, Gender and Character

Identity, Gender and Character Development

Long regarded by sections of the African American community as a critical strategy to be employed in the effort to restore Black people to their traditional greatness, African-centered thought and practice essentially states that African Americans should rely on the history, beliefs, symbols, language and other aspects of their culture to build their sense of individual and collective self-determination and remove from themselves the constricting force of internalized racism. Among even larger segments of the Black community, there has been a consistent sentiment that there is a serious need to develop processes that facilitate a deeper progression for Black boys into Black manhood.

From these two strands of thought, and under the leadership of our advisory committee, this priority seeks to employ African-centered strategies to strengthen identity – including its gender, racial and character components – which leads to increased academic achievement, civic engagement and reduction of violence in the African American community.

Listing of 2013 AAMB Identity, Gender and Character Development grants

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