Educational Opportunity

Educational Opportunity

Either through a policy of benign neglect or ignorance, urban, public schooling has failed to prepare African American boys for academic success. Where this incongruity is most visible is in the achievement gap and graduation rates of older African American boys. However, too often defective seeds have already been sown in the pre-school and early years of learning for these children, leaving them open to an inferior harvest. Although it is true that public schools have been given the charge to educate students, they have done so with an unevenness of pedagogy, accountability and resources, creating a nation of haves and have-nots.

The Endowments’ African American Men and Boys Task Force seeks to move the current national and local school reform dialogues and practices beyond the technical aspects of educational improvement, such as curriculum, instruction and assessment. The initiative incorporates a community voice that engages students, parents, families and faith-based organizations, in addition to proven research, to promote equitable and sustainable achievement for African American boys.

This priority area decisively strives to eliminate academic disparities for African American boys and increase their access to high-quality learning opportunities, success in college, other postsecondary education experience and subsequent careers.

Listing of 2013 AAMB Educational Opportunity grants 

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