What others are doing

What Others Are Doing

The Heinz Endowments supports a range of nonprofit organizations working to promote actions that will individually and cumulatively improve our region’s air quality. These include education and advocacy to promote and support strong regulations and enforcement, as well as assistance to individuals and communities with the goal of changing consumer and behavior patterns.

For instance, groups like Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP), Clean Water Action, and Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) follow and comment on pending permits for air emissions and new regulations. They also undertake citizen lawsuits to force clean-up of power plants and other major polluting facilities. They work collaboratively with receptive entities such as the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Port Authority of Allegheny County and Clairton Borough to obtain funding for diesel vehicle air filter retrofits.

Groups such as Conservation Consultants, Inc., and Green Building Alliance provide education and assistance to individuals and organizations who can contribute to a reduction of air pollution from power plants through conserving energy. These groups focus on green building techniques and implementation of energy efficiency practices and technologies such as insulation, thermostats and light bulbs.

Local Organizations committed to better air quality:








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